Blackstone Surf Center

Your Surf Center in Tenerife

Welcome to the first Surf Centre located in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife! Surfing is not only about waves; therefore we would like to offer you our facilities where you will feel at home.

We have facilities more than 200 m2 where you will find showers, lockers, board storage service, stretching and functional training area, teaching classrooms and a chill-out area where you can read or watch your own surfing videos after a good surfing session.

Everything you need before and after surfing!

Surf school

Black Stone Surf School Tenerife belongs to the official Canary Islands Surfing Federation in the South of Tenerife located in Playa de las Americas.

We offer Surfing and SUP lessons for beginners to advanced surfers, a CLINIC/proficiency camp to improve your already advanced skills, as well as introductory classes for children. We can provide you with all the necessary rental equipment for your holiday in Tenerife such as softboards, minimalibu, shortboards, SUP boards and much more…

We have more than 10 years experience in teaching and more than 20 in the surfing sector to make your experience fun but also safe at the same time. Please see our price list to help you choose the best course that fits your skills.

We offer the best facilities in our Surf Centre designed to make our clients feel comfortable and the best equipment, which we continuously update in order to provide the best service possible.

A good service and a good atmosphere is what you want, and we have it! Enjoy it!

Surf camp

Black Stone surf camp was founded in 2009 on the south of the island of Tenerife with the philosophy of giving you more than surf to your holidays.

It is a Surf Camp focused on adults who want to enjoy their holiday within a surfing atmosphere, mixing with people from all around the world, either learning how to surf or perfecting their surfing skills in our advanced camps but also being able to enjoy other activities that the island offers such as snorkelling with turtles, stand up paddle or and introduction to longboard skateboarding.

The tropical weather throughout the whole year, with an average temperature of 22º, together with the warm temperature of the sea and little to no rain makes it the perfect place to do sports like surfing, diving, snorkelling, stand up paddle, skate, golf, climbing…

Which is why Blackstone is more than surfing!

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Activities and prices

Choose the best option for you and your level:



Designed for children or adults who have never had any experience surfing or have very basic experience. Consists of a theoretical/practical class to understand the basic concepts of surfing.
Includes: Surfing equipment + wetsuit + board + instructor + accident insurance.
Duration: 2 hours.
Price: €35 for groups (6 people max.) / Introduction private course €60


Basic beginners course


Giving students the technical knowledge to be able to safely surf on their own.
Consists of 5 classes or 3 classes of 2hrs each with theory, practice and error correction throughout the week to make sure the basic concepts have been learnt.
Includes: Surfing material, wetsuit + board + instructor + accident insurance.
Price: 150€ (5 classes) groups of 6 people max. /3 classes 90€/Private course 250€ (5 classes)/150€ (3 classes)


Advanced course


Designed for students who have already finished the beginner’s courses or have a basic ability and want to improve their skills.
Consists of:
Explanation and characteristics of the equipment.
How to choose the right equipment in terms of height, weight, area of use and wave conditions.
Reading a wave and choosing your position in the water.
Safety measures to be a self-dependant surfer in the sea.
Basic manoeuvres execution.
Video recording and error correction class.
Includes: Surfing material, wetsuit + surfboard + instructor and accident insurance.
Price: 3 classes 120€/ 5 classes 200€, groups of 3 people max./ private course, 3 classes 180€/ 5 classes 300€


Proficiency Courses


Designed for high level surfers who want to improve their skills to competition level or free surfers who want to polish their technique to get the most out of themselves. These courses are taught by very experienced instructors with long careers in competition surfing.
Physical training and stretching.
Choosing the appropriate equipment in terms of wave conditions.
Explanation of the rules in competitions.
Reading waves and manoeuvres execution.
Video recording and error correction classes.
Tactics and competition simulation.
Includes: Video recording, theoretical/practical classes watching the videos recorded for correction and transport to the spots.
Price: weekend course 120€ group of 8 people max.


Courses for groups

We also offer courses for business groups, students, stag nights or any other event at affordable prices. Give us your idea, ask us for a quote and we will organize it!


Equipment rental

We offer all kinds of equipment and different types of surfboards; Softboards, minimalibu, shotboards, Sup boards, wetsuits, booties.



You can find here our news and promotions of the surf school, surf camp & shop.

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If you need information or any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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Surf school

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